NCHA Affiliated Events

All NCHA Affilliated events as per NCHA Rules and Regulations.

Beginners Rules

You can’t have won over $500 in any cutting or snaffle bit event.
You can’t have won more than 3 beginners classes.
You can’t have competed in a one handed judged event eg. Rookies, $7,500 or above class.
You will have 2.5 minutes with 2.5 – 3 head (depending on cattle supply) Fresh cattle if numbers
There will be a SCCC Club buckle for the winner of the Hi Point Score at the end of the year.
There will be a SCCC Club prize for the runner up of the Hi Point Score at the end of the year.
There will be added prize money allocated to the Beginners Class.
This is not an affiliated event so results are not sent to NCHA therefore results do not go towards
National Standings.

SCCC Grass Roots

Rules / Eligibility for Grass Roots Events
1. To be eligible to compete, a competitor must be a financial NCHA member or take out a day membership
2. First years NCHA membership may be purchased at half price, subsequent annual memberships will be full price
3. The competition will be split into two separate events – cutting and snafflebit which will be judged separately
4. To be eligible you must NOT have won 3 NCHA cutting events in any class NOR won $500 or more in any NCHA cutting classes. If you win 3 events or exceed $500 in winnings you may remain in the class until the end of the points year
5. A competitors run will consist of cutting two cows with two minutes working time per run
6. The event will be judged under the same rules as all NCHA events
7. Dress code and all other NCHA rules and policies apply as per NCHA rule book
8. One horse one rider however a horse may be entered in both classes with the same or 2 separate riders
9. As per Rookies classes the rider does not have to own the horse
10. On payment of a second entry fee, at the time of initial entry submission, you may enter the same horse twice in the same event however only your highest score will count towards placings and points
11. A 1A or above NCHA judge must be engaged to judge the event with the judge providing feedback after the completion of the event to the competitor, if requested, to assist in improvement
12. Points will be allocated as per NCHA rule book but for placings down to 10th place, limited to 1 point per 2 competitors (ie if there are 20 competitors in the class 1st place will receive 10 points down to 10th place receiving 1 point) all points will go towards point scores for end of year National buckles and if applicable individual club point scores.
13. Once a Grass Roots competitor achieves earnings of $500 or they win 3 events they will be awarded an achievement badge
14. In the event that there is a tie for end of year point scores the following will be used to determine the winner – 1 Cumulative dollars earned
2 Total number of shows attended

Can I compete if I am not a member of the NCHA?

If you are not a paid up member of the NCHA then you can only compete in the Grass Roots, Snaffle Bit, Rookies and Youth as a DAY MEMBER. As a day member you are required to pay a fee of $22 per event per day..

You are also required to sign a Non Members Waiver form. It would be appreciated if you could do this before the show and hand it to the Club Secretary before you compete. To download the form click here.

When do I have to pay my entry fees?

The SCCC is an affiliate club of the NCHA and as a result we are required to follow the NCHA rules and regulations. It is clearly stated in the NCHA rule book that all entry fees are paid at the same time of entry.

No competitor will be allowed to compete at any SCCC show if the entry fee has not been paid in full. If you pay your entry fee after the show draws have been made public you can enter as a late entry and you will be placed at the end of the first available herd and no extra cattle will be added.

What is a late entry?

A closing date for acceptance of nominations is always advertised in the NCHA Chatta or on this website. Any entries that come in after that advertised date is declared a late entry.

Under NCHA rules and regulations a late entry shall be placed and the end of the first available herd and no extra cattle are required to be allocated for that entry.