01We Will Rock You Mathew MorganLachlan Randell
02Pixie DuckM and C FrenchCarlie French
03A One NerameSamantha Stepnell Marley Holden
04Peptos Angelique Tanner Family Jacoba Tanner
05Midnight OilSasha MasonCash Fitzgerald
06Holys playin Ryan fielding Mckenzie Tanner
07SplendidMJ and CM French Carlie French
08Tyrell Park Scotthe SpinLauren RocheAnna Roche
09More than ReddyScott CodeyImogen randell
Herd Change  
10Truclass Slick ChickPenny LowEthan Tanner
11Jupiter MJ and CM French Dan French
12Tapt Dancin at Midnight Carmen & Nick Smith Bree Smith
13Jimmy FescueHolly GuttersonHolly Gutterson
14stylish roosterJack CorbettJack Corbett
15DreamtimeM and C French Dan French
16More Than ReddyScott CodeySara Bernstein
17Slick chisum Ethan TannerEthan Tanner
18Hard Hat Ashley Macey TannerMacey Tanner
19Sweet Smokin Hootch Sue & Ken Smith Bree Smith
20Cats FootlooseSeason PengillyRhian Pengilly